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Homer Harvest Days 'Living History' ProgramMr. Lincoln is available to do programs or make appearances in a variety of settings, including schools, churches, libraries, museums, senior residences, living history programs, Civil War re-enactments, parades, youth camps, conventions, fundraisers (also "fun-raisers"!), and parties.

Mr. Lincoln loves to talk about history and "his story", of course, but also about other subjects such as story-telling or leadership (see full list at right).  His most basic historical presentation centers on the twelve turbulent years from 1854-1865, when the slavery issue which had been divisive from the very beginning of our country came to a head and nearly broke us apart.  Hear about the historical background (beginning with the Declaration of Independence), the events which led Mr. Lincoln back into politics in the mid-1850s, the ever-escalating increase in tensions, Mr. Lincoln's election as President, and of course the Civil War.  You'll hear directly from some of Mr. Lincoln's best-known speeches and writings, including his "House Divided" speech, his First and Second Inaugural addresses, his Gettysburg Address, and his Emancipation Proclamation.  You will be inspired to hope as he did for a "new birth of freedom" for our country.

Memorial Day Parade in River Forest, IL


2017-18 "Road Scholar"!

I've been selected again by Illinois Humanities to be part of their Road Scholars Speakers Bureau for the 2017-18 program year.  This program helps local nonprofit organizations in Illinois bring cultural and educational programs to their communities.  My presentation "From Obscurity to Greatness: Illinois and Lincoln, 1830 to 1861" is available in both English and Spanish from Dec. 3, 2017 through Dec. 2, 2018.

Mr. Lincoln's basic programs include the following (note that while 45 minutes is the suggested minimum for the following programs, he could do a shorter program if desired):

* A New Birth of Freedom: This is Mr. Lincoln's basic historical presentation, as described previously and also more fully on the school and church programs pages. (45-90 minutes)

* Lincoln as Story-Teller: Mr. Lincoln shares some of his favorite stories, anecdotes, and jokes, and explains why he used these so often.  You'll still get a good dose of both the nation's history and Mr. Lincoln's personal history. (45-60 minutes)

* Lincoln on Leadership: Mr. Lincoln discusses his leadership values and style, e.g., "management by walking around", seeking different points of view, learning from experience, willingness to share both credit and blame, remaining true to principles, effective communication, etc. (45-60 minutes)

* Lincoln on Education & the Law: Mr. Lincoln shares his experiences and thoughts on education, e.g., the importance of being a life-long learner, and on the law, e.g., his advice to prospective young lawyers that "if you cannot be an honest lawyer, resolve to be honest without being a lawyer". (45-60 minutes)

* Lincoln on Literature & the Theater: Mr. Lincoln talks about his enjoyment of literature, including Shakespeare and poetry, and the dramatic arts, and how these influenced him throughout his life.  He even shares some of his own attempts at writing poetry, some humorous and others serious. (45-60 minutes)

* Lincoln on Religion & Spirituality: Mr. Lincoln discusses the religious atmosphere of early nineteenth century America and his own experiences and evolving views on the subjects of religion and spirituality. (45-60 minutes)

* Lincoln and Thanksgiving: Mr. Lincoln shares the story of how our national, annual observance of the Thanksgiving holiday came to be established during his Presidency. (45-60 minutes)

* Lincoln and the Gettysburg Address: This is a historical presentation focused especially on Lincoln's best-known speech. (45-60 minutes)

* From Obscurity to Greatness: Illinois and Lincoln, 1830 to 1861: Created especially for Illinois' Bicentennial in 2018, in this program Mr. Lincoln shares how both he and Illinois were transformed during his IL years, from 1830 to 1861. (45-60 minutes)


"Thank you so much for such a wonderful program and visit at the Bloomington Public Library as part of the Lincolns Festival of Bloomington!  Everyone enjoyed the program immensely, enjoyed the picture taking and meeting you/Abe!  You made the Festival extra special for both the Library and the rest of the Festival sites." (from one of the organizers of Lincoln's Festival in Bloomington, 2016)

"The visitors were very complementary about your presentation and knowledge about Mr. Lincoln.  We hope that you will be able to be with us once again." ... "You were a great attraction and provided an interesting education to those you met." (from the organizers of Homer Harvest Days, 2014)

Mr. Lincoln can further tailor his message to your particular interests and needs, and is available to talk to groups of any size.  In the past he has appeared at events as varied as Memorial Day and Fourth of July parades, Thanksgiving celebrations, school plays, a naturalization service for new citizens, National Day of Prayer events, and even Valentine's Day and Sweetheart Banquets!

By the way, Mr. Lincoln is now also "Seņor Lincoln", as he is fluent in Spanish!  In fact, in addition to presentations in English or Spanish, he can even do more limited presentations as "Monsieur Lincoln" (in French) or as "Herr Lincoln" (in German).


  • For a program or visit up to two hours in length: $200 ($300 on Lincoln's Birthday and Presidents' Day)

  • Each additional hour: $50/hour

  • Travel expenses: no charge within 30 miles of Oak Park, IL (beyond 30 miles: negotiable)

  • Discounts are available for multiple programs/visits in the same area on the same day.

  • Reduced fees are available to organizations with limited financial resources.

  • Payable by check to "Kevin J. Wood", by cash, or by PayPal (payment expected on date of program or within two weeks afterwards).

Check out my full list of appearances, as best I can remember. References: available upon request Abraham Lincoln by Kevin Wood updated 04/16/2018