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Abe's Trail Trek at Lincoln's New Salem State Park in Petersburg, ILMost of the time when I am portraying Abraham Lincoln, I strive to be as much like the real Mr. Lincoln as possible.  My "Running Abe" appearances are obviously an exception!  (Another exception is when I do programs in Spanish, French, or German.)

My first time to run dressed as Abe was the 2002 edition of the Capital Challenge in Washington, DC, an invitation-only three-mile race for Federal employees, members of Congress, etc.  At the time I was working for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regional office in Philadelphia, and so I ran on an EPA team.  I finished in 17:04, which isn't too bad considering the stovepipe hat.  Two years before I had run 16:33 dressed in more typical running gear, so perhaps the hat slows me down by about 10 seconds per mile.

In the fall of 2015, I decided to bring "Running Abe" back to life, and since that time I have participated in several 5K races.  In some cases I was just a "Running Abe", while in others I was both a regular Mr. Lincoln (interacting with the runners, handing out awards, etc.) as well as a "Running Abe".  In some of these races I have placed among the top three overall, and in every case I have finished first in Abe's age group (200+), so I think I can lay claim to the title of "Fastest Abe in the West" (that would be the "West" of Abe's day: everything west of the Appalachian Mountains).

Good Life Race in Oak Park, IL (photo by Chad Marek)My "Running Abe" outfit varies depending on the weather.  In warm weather, I wear a tuxedo-style t-shirt and black shorts; in cooler weather, my outfit more closely resembles Mr. Lincoln's traditional clothing, except for the modern running shoes.

I have mostly done 5K races, but also one 10K and one triathlon!

If you would be interested in having "Running Abe" at your own event, please contact me!  Remember that in addition to participating, I can also be a "regular" Mr. Lincoln, interacting with the runners, starting the runners, handing out awards, etc.



"Our race director couldn't decide if he was more impressed with you running as Honest Abe or the fact that you are such a strong runner!" (a race organizer in the Chicago area)

"The trails of New Salem will be busy on Saturday and if you are lucky you may catch a glimpse of Abe himself running through the woods." (promotional e-mail/post by race director of Abe's Trail Trek)


  • A "regular" Mr. Lincoln: See fee schedule on main Programs page.

  • "Running Abe": If it's a race which I plan to run in anyway, I'll pay my own way.  Otherwise, my fee is negotiable.

Next race:

June 1: Lincoln's Legacy 5K/10K (Springfield, IL)

(photos coming soon)

Forest Park Casket Races

10/28/2017 * Forest Park, IL

(team: 10th place? ... out of 12!)

(photos coming soon)

Iron Abe Olympic Triathlon

07/29/2017 * Springfield, IL

(69th overall; 3rd age group)

(photos coming soon)

Stovepipe Sprint Triathlon

06/17/2017 * Petersburg, IL

(21st overall; 2nd age group)

(photos coming soon)

Lincoln's Legacy 5K

06/02/2017 * Springfield, IL

(3rd place overall)

[no photos]

Celebrating Seniors "Blaze a Trail 5K"

05/20/2017 * River Forest, IL

(3rd place overall)

(photos coming soon)

Frank Lloyd Wright Races (10K)

10/23/2016 * Oak Park, IL

(15th overall; 1st age group)

(photos coming soon)

Forest Park Casket Races

10/22/2016 * Forest Park, IL

(team: 10th place ... out of 10!)

(photos coming soon)

Lincoln Days "Railsplitter 5K"

10/02/2016 * Hodgenville, KY

(5th place overall)

Celebrating Seniors Week - Blaze a Trail 5K Run/Walk (River Forest, IL)

Makin' Tracks 5K Run/Walk

09/17/2016 * River Forest, IL

(2nd place overall)

(photos coming soon)

Independence Day 5K Run

07/04/2016 * Riverside, IL

(15th overall; 3rd age group)

Celebrating Seniors Week - Blaze a Trail 5K Run/Walk (River Forest, IL)

Celebrating Seniors "Blaze a Trail 5K"

05/14/2016 * River Forest, IL

(1st place overall)

Good Life Race (Oak Park, IL)

Good Life Race

04/10/2016 * Oak Park, IL

(finished a ways back)

Abe's Trail Trek

Abe's Trail Trek

11/14/2015 * Petersburg, IL

(3rd place overall in 5K)

Frank Lloyd Wright Races

Frank Lloyd Wright Races

10/18/2015 * Oak Park, IL

(3rd place overall)

Lincoln Days

Lincoln Days "Railsplitter 5K"

10/04/2015 * Hodgenville, KY

(4th place overall)

Check out my full list of appearances, as best I can remember. References: available upon request Abraham Lincoln by Kevin Wood updated 03/30/2018