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Abraham Lincoln by Kevin Wood

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In addition to making live, in-person appearances, Mr. Lincoln also offers programs via various forms of virtual programming:

* video conferencing via Zoom (my preference as it allows for two-way communication);

* live-streaming via Facebook Live and YouTube Live;

* pre-recorded videos available online via YouTube; and

* telegraph (in this case, you will need a functional telegraph machine and an operator who knows Morse code!).

For schools, Mr. Lincoln can do his regular school programs.  For senior residences, libraries, museums, churches, etc., he can do any of his regular 14 programs for general audiences.  Or if you want something different, e.g., just a little virtual "meet-and-greet", Q&A session, etc., just let him know.

Pre-recorded videos include a personalized introduction for the organization/event requesting the video.

Whether a live event which is then recorded, or a pre-recorded video, you may make it available for viewing for up to two weeks, after which time it should be removed from all online and social media platforms and all electronic storage.


* general audience programs: for a one-hour program (plus up to 30 additional minutes for Q&A if live): $250 if live or $150 if pre-recorded (each additional program/hour: $100 per program/hour);

* school programs: for one program of up to one hour in length: $250 if live or $150 if pre-recorded (each additional program/hour: $100 per program/hour);

* church programs: no set fee; any honorarium would be appreciated.


Virtual programs/events conducted since April 2020: 244 (161 live and 83 pre-recorded)


Virtual Programs (# of Performances)

* links are for video clips of excerpts on YouTube *


Program Completed Upcoming Total
Abraham Lincoln: A New Birth of Freedom 47 0 47
A Visit with Mr. Lincoln (children's program) / school programs 33 0 33
Lincoln and Thanksgiving 29 0 29

Lincoln as Story-Teller

28 0 28
The Political Lincoln: Honest Abe on Campaigns & Elections 19 0 19
Lincoln on Slavery, Emancipation, and Equality 18 0 18
Lincoln on Immigration & America's Place in the World 9 0 9
From Obscurity to Greatness: Illinois & Lincoln, 1830 to 1861 9 0 9
Lincoln on Leadership 8 0 8
Lincoln on Literature & the Theatre 7 0 7
Lincoln the Lawyer 5 0 5
Lincoln on the Gettysburg Address 4 1 5
Lincoln's "Lost Speech": His Greatest Ever? 1 0 1
Lincoln on Religion and the Bible 1 0 1
Lincoln on Education 0 0 0
[conferences, civil ceremonies, parties, other events] 15 0 15
TOTAL 233 1 234